Biology 1

Lesson Plans for 10/18/21 to 10/22/21



Today’s Objectives





Threats to Biodiversity


·    Compare and contrast “background extinctions” and “mass extinctions”

·    Identify several past mass extinction events and their likely causes

·    Define “deforestation” and explain why it is such a threat to biodiversity

The following JupiterEd assignments are due by 11:59pm on Thursday October 21st:


ü Review 5.2A

ü Review 5.2B

ü Review 5.3A

ü Review 5.3B


The following assignment will be due on Tuesday of NEXT WEEK (October 26th) by 8:00am:


ü Chapter 5 Review




Threats to Biodiversity


·    Define “overexploitation” of a species and several examples

·    Compare and contrast “habitat destruction” and “habitat disruption”

·    Explain what is meant by the “edge effect” and how it can harm some organisms and help others

·    Identify the different types of pollution that can occur

·    Define “biological magnification” and provide an example of this process





Conserving Biodiversity


·    Identify the six reasons biologists give for conserving biodiversity

·    Compare and contrast “renewable” and “non-renewable” resources and provide examples of each

·    Explain how one can help to preserve our natural resources






Conserving Biodiversity


·    Define “biodiversity hot spots” and provide several examples of this concept

·    Define “endemic species” and provide several examples of endemic species

·    Explain how “wildlife corridors” are helpful in conserving biodiversity

·    Compare and contrast “bioaugmentation” and “bioremediation” and provide examples of each concept

·    Explain how the Endangered Species Act of 1973 has helped conserve biodiversity

·    Discuss the Paris Climate Accord and the pros and cons of this global agreement

All JupiterEd assignments are due tonight by 11:59pm






Professional Prep Day


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