Biology 1

Lesson Plans for 9/25/23 to 9/29/23


Learning Target

Daily Objectives

Weekly Assignments



Chapter 2 Test

·    Use today’s class period to complete the Chapter 2 Test

The following assignments will be due by 11:59pm Thursday September 28:

·    Review 3.1

·    Review 3.2


The following assignment will be due by 4:00pm Monday October 2nd:

·    Weekly Quiz #4


The following assignment will be due by 11:59pm Tuesday October 3rd:

·    Review 3.3


The following assignment will be due by 11:59pm Wednesday October 4th:

·    World Biomes Review



3.1 Community Ecology

·    Define “biological community” and provide examples of biological communities

·    Define “limiting factors” and identify several limiting factors that can affect biological communities

·    Define “ecological succession” and describe the processes that occur to establish a climax community

·    Define “tolerance” and identify the zones of tolerance in a community




3.2 Terrestrial Biomes

·    Define “terrestrial biomes” and describe how latitude, elevation, and climate affect the terrestrial biomes

·    Describe the “greenhouse effect” and the role human activities play in this process

·    Identify the major land biomes and the organisms that occupy these biomes




3.3 Aquatic Biomes

·    Describe the location of Earth’s water systems

·    Explain why most of Earth’s water is inaccessible for human use

·    Identify the features of a river system

·    Compare and contrast the zones found in a lake to the zones found in the ocean

·    Explain why most living things are found within the upper regions of an aquatic ecosystem

·    Describe the eutrophication process that sometimes occurs in freshwater lakes




Professional Prep Day

·    Office Hours:  8am to 2pm





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