Biology 1

Lesson Plans for 4/15/24 to 4/19/24


Learning Target

Daily Objectives

Weekly Assignments



Chapter 13 Review

·    Use today’s class period to go over the Chapter 13 Study Guide in preparation for tomorrow’s test

The following assignments will be due by 4pm Monday April 15:

·    Chapter 13 Review

·    Weekly Quiz #19


The following assignments will be due by 11:59pm Friday April 19:

·    Review 14.1

·    Review 14.2


The following assignment will be due by 4:00pm Monday April 22:

·    Weekly Quiz #20

Prepare for Chapter 13 Test on Tuesday April 16th



Chapter 13 Test

·    Use today’s class period to complete the Chapter 13 Test




14.1 Myths of Evolution

·    Identify and describe the various myths and facts surrounding the concept of evolutionary biology

·    Explain why some of these myths seem to be believed even though they are clearly false

·    Explain why evolution is considered a theory




14.2 Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

·    Describe Darwin’s early ideas about the Earth and how it helped shape his ideas about evolution

·    Define “natural selection” and identify the four main concepts associated with natural selection

·    Compare and contrast artificial and natural selection




14.3 Evidence Supporting Evolution

·    Identify the numerous examples of evidence that helps support the idea of evolution by natural selection

·    Compare and contrast ancestral and derived traits

·    Describe homologous and vestigial structures




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