Biology 1

Lesson Plans for 11/28/22 to 12/2/22


Learning Target

Daily Objectives

Weekly Assignments




6.11 Properties of Water

·    Describe the unique properties of water

·    Explain how animals and plants that live in the water depend on the “density anomaly” of water

·    Explain why water is considered a “polar molecule”

The following JupiterEd assignments are due by 11:59pm Thursday December 1st:

o  Review 6.10—6.11

o  Review 6.12

The following JupiterEd assignments are due by 8:00am  Monday December 5th:

o  Weekly Quiz #9

o  Properties of Water Lab Review




6.12 Mixtures

·    Define “mixture”

·    Compare and contrast heterogenous and homogeneous mixtures and give examples of each

·    Explain how mixtures are different from chemical compounds

·    Identify and describe the various methods of separating mixtures





Properties of Water Lab

·    Define “cohesion” and “adhesion” and demonstrate both properties

·    Define “surface tension” and explain how this property can be beneficial to certain living organisms

·    Define “capillary action” and demonstrate this property

·    Identify the melting, boiling, and freezing points of water

·    Explain how soap is able to clean clothes (based on the properties of water)





6.13 Acids & Bases

·    Define “acids” and identify several characteristics of acids

·    Define “bases” and identify several characteristics of bases

·    Describe the “pH scale” and explain how it is used and how to calculate the relative strengths of acids and bases based on pH values

·    Define “buffers” and explain the importance of buffers in the human body





Professional Prep Day


·    Office Hours:  8:00am to 2:00pm


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