Biology 1

Lesson Plans for 2/6/23 to 2/10/23


Learning Target

Daily Objectives

Weekly Assignments




8.3B Photosynthesis (The Calvin Cycle)


8.4 Photosynthesis (Alternative Pathways)

·    Identify the inputs and outputs of the Calvin cycle

·    Describe why the Calvin cycle is a “light-independent phase”

·    Explain why certain plants use different pathways of photosynthesis

·    Compare and contrast C4 and CAM plants and examples of each type

The following assignments are due by 11:59pm Thursday February 9th: 

o  Review 8.3A

o  Review 8.3B—8.3C

o  Review 8.4

o  Review 8.5


The following weekly quiz is due by 8:00am Monday February 13th:

o  Weekly Quiz #14




8.4 Cellular Respiration

·    Identify the three main processes of cellular respiration describing where each takes place and how many ATP molecules are produced by each process

·    Explain why the final output of ATP molecules is different from what is shown in the chemical formula for cellular respiration





8.5 Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Respiration

·    Compare and contrast aerobic and anaerobic respiration

·    Define “alcoholic fermentation” and explain what organisms can utilize this process

·    Identify three industries that make use of alcoholic fermentation

·    Define “lactic acid fermentation” and explain what organisms can utilize this process

·    Describe why your muscles burn after strenuous activity and what happens to the lactic acid that builds up in these tissues





Virtual Photosynthesis Lab

·    Determine the best color of light for optimum photosynthesis

·    Be able to construct a readable graph illustrating your findings from the virtual lab





Professional Prep Day

·    Office Hours:  8am to 2pm



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