Angiosperm Flowers


Parts of an Angiosperm Flower


pistil (also called the carpel) - female part of the flower, composed of the stigma, style, and ovary

stigma - part of the pistil that receives the pollen, located at the tip of the pistil and often hairy or sticky

style - elongated part of the pistil between the stigma and ovary

ovary - part of the pistil that contains the ovules (eggs)

receptacle - base of the carpel or pistil that connects to the stem


stamen - the male part of the flower or pollen-bearing organs of a flower, composed of the filament and anther

anther - part of the flower that produces the pollen

filament - portion of stamen that supports the anther

Complete Flower Structure:

perianth - composed of the corolla and calyx

corolla - inner circle of the perianth, collective name for the petals

petal - individual part of the corolla, used when referring to polypetalous corollas

calyx - outer circle of the perianth, collective name for the sepals; usually green, but can be colored

sepal - an individual part of the calyx