Conceptual Chemistry Syllabus 


There is no textbook for this class.  You will rely on the notes taken in class, the notebook given in class, as well as handouts, assignments, and quizzes given throughout the course of the year.



Conceptual Chemistry is a course designed for the student who wishes to fulfill the graduation requirement of chemistry.  The basic principles of chemistry will be learned.



The chemistry course is designed to give the student adequate background knowledge in the following areas of chemistry:

1.  Introduction to Chemistry

2.  Data Analysis

3.  Matter:  Properties & Changes

4.  The Structure of an Atom

5.  Electrons in Atoms

6.  The Periodic Table and Periodic Law

7.  The Elements

8.  Ionic Compounds

9.  Covalent Bonding

10.  Chemical Reactions

11.  The Mole



In order for the student to achieve a passing grade, an accumulative grade of at least a 70% is required. Borderline grades will be made at the discretion of the instructor. Your grade will be based upon, but not limited to the following objectives:


*Although only 10% of your grade is determined by this, complete understanding of the material will not be achieved unless all assignments are completed. Most of your tests and quizzes will be based on material covered in your assignments.



Timely and regular attendance is an expectation of all students.  Students who have an excused absence from class are expected to notify Mr. Breitkreutz in advance (if possible) to work out a schedule for turning in assignments and/or making up work that was/will be missed.  If an advance notice is not possible (sickness or family emergency), the student will have to make up the work upon return to class as per the policy stated in the Tri-Valley High School Handbook.

Unexcused absences (these are recorded and verified by the high school office) will result in zero's for all work missed or not turned in on the day of the unexcused absence.  That means that if you miss a test or a quiz on a day that you are will receive a zero on that test or quiz.  Skipping school is a serious issue, and one that will not be tolerated in my classes.  THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!



Lab Activities and Participation:

Lab experiences are extremely difficult to be made up. . . attendance is extremely important! In cases of absences, every possible measure will be taken to make up the lab, but some labs will be impossible to make up due to the availability of chemicals and the breakdown of these items.


The lab grade will be mostly subjective. . . this means that the instructor will look for the following behaviors in determining lab grades:

        1) active participation

        2) cooperation with lab group members

        3) time on task

        4) lab safety



Assignments will be given periodically during each chapter.  Some assignments will be graded...while others will not.  All assignments are to be completed.  These assignments will be graded on scale of 1 to 10 based on your percentage.  (For example:  if you get an 90% on an assignment you will receive 9.0 points, if you get an 87% on an assignment you will receive 8.7 points, etc.)


Due dates will be given for the different assignments that are assigned during the course of each chapter.  


Assignments are due on the assigned dates. . . NO EXCEPTIONS!  Assignments not handed in on the due dates will result in a score of zero points (0 pts.)  This is not debatable. 


All assignments are to be done in PENCIL.  NO WORK DONE IN PEN (no matter what color) WILL BE ACCEPTED!  No exceptions!  Any work that is done in pen will be handed back with a zero for a score.  No exceptions!


All assignments must be handed in (regardless of receiving credit) or the student will be required to take the semester test at the end of the semester.


If a student has more than 2 missing assignments for a semester, an INCOMPLETE will be assigned for a semester grade until ALL of the assignments are completed.  It is up to the discretion of the instructor if any points will be given for these assignments.  The incomplete will remain until all assignments are completed.  A student is risking failure for the semester if he/she does not comply with this requirement.


Tests & Quizzes:

A test will be given at the end of each unit.


The tests will cover basic material that was discussed, observed, or identified within the unit.


Quizzes may be given periodically within each unit. The quizzes may be over labs, or activities that were done in class, as well as notes and presentations.



A student will be able to opt out of one of the semester tests provided during the year.  If a student opts out of the first semester test, he/she will be required to take the second semester final exam.

Students who wish to opt out must meet the following requirements:

student cannot miss more than 2 total  Chemistry class periods for the semester.


if a student misses more than 2 class periods, he/she will be required to take the semester test no matter what he/she has for a grade in both quarters  (previously he/she could opt out if they had an "A" in both 1st and 2nd quarter......not anymore)


student must not have any computer or disciplinary violations during the semester


a student must have completed ALL assignments for Chemistry (does not have any zeros in the grade book)


if a student has a zero in either quarter for the semester he/she WILL BE REQUIRED to take the semester exam



Let's not even go here!  No extra credit will be given for any reason.  You are given an ample amount of possible points that you can earn during the semester.  It is up to you to earn these points that are offered.  Therefore, no extra credit points are going to be available.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  So don't ask.