Portfolio Self-Assessment

Complete this self-assessment and print it.  Include this at the very beginning of your portfolio.  Assign the amount of points you feel you deserve for each criteria listed.  The total point value of all the criteria will add up to 150 points, the total point value for each portfolio.

Points Earned Points Possible Criteria

I have included all assignments, hand-outs, labs, quizzes, and tests in my portfolio that have been given this semester.



I have organized my portfolio in chronological order starting with the beginning of the semester material at the front of my portfolio.  (The front of the portfolio is the first part you see when you open the cover...not at the back.)



I have all papers 3-hole punched and there are no papers in any of the folder pockets and no papers that are "hanging out".  (Page Dividers tabs can stick out as long as they are the kind that have the colorful tabs that you can write on.)



I have separated each unit that was covered in class with a colorful divider page and a labeled page tab-marker.  (sticky notes and homemade labels will not give you credit for these)



I have presented, for instructor-review, the best portfolio to my ability.  I realize that the presentation of this portfolio is a reflection of my hard work in this class, and the grade I have given myself is what I honestly feel is deserved, based on this portfolio.