Plant Cells & Tissues Observation Lab


Here are some diagrams to help you understand what you are looking at during lab:


Privet Leaf:


Onion Root Tip:

Onion Root Tip, Cell Mitosis - Stock Image - C001/6540 - Science Photo  Library


Plant Leaf:

Maple Leaf As Seen Through Microscope Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free  Image. Image 10945029.


Lily Stem:

Lily Stem (Cross-Section) Prepared Microscope Slide


Apple Diagram:

Draw a diagram of the sectional view of human seminiferous tubule and label  its parts.


Plum Diagram:

Fruits - Digital Atlas of Ancient Life


Orange Diagram:

The orange fruit and its products | Orange Book


Carnation Diagram:

Carnation Color Dye Experiment | Dyed Carnation Science Experiment for  Kids! | Little Passports