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Introduction to Animal Kingdom Links
Intro to Germ Layers Gastrulation
Germ Layers of an Embryo  


Phylum Porifera Links

Introduction to Phylum Porifera What is a Sponge?
Classes of Sponges The Sponges
Phylum Porifera Handout  
The Phylum Porifera  


Phylum Cnidaria Links
Phylum Cnidaria Nematocysts before & after discharge Corals & Coral Reefs
Intro to Cnidaria Jellyfish Anatomy Phylum Cnidaria 3
Cnidaria Handout    


Phylum Platyhelminthes
Platyhelminthes Handout Platyhelminthes  
Flatworms and Tapeworms Flatworm Anatomy  


Phylum Nematoda

Phylum Nematoda 2 Nematode Anatomy
Nematoda Introduction Phylum Nematoda 3 Nematoda Hand-Out


Phylum Annelida

Introduction to Phylum Annelida Earthworm Anatomy Diagrams Earthworm Dissection Picture Guide
Earthworm Dissection Lab Companion Interactive Earthworm Site Phylum Annelida Handout


Phylum Mollusca

Squid Dissection Lab Phylum Mollusca Handout Phylum Mollusca 5
Clam Dissection Lab Companion Cephalopod Chromatophores Zebra Mussel & Quagga Mussel Facts
Squid Dissection Lab Companion Giant Squid Facts #1 Mollusk Anatomy & Information


Phylum Arthropoda
Phylum Arthropoda Phylum Arthropoda 2 The Arthropods
Phylum Arthropoda 6 Phylum Athropoda 4 Intro to the Arthropods
Arthropoda Characteristics Phylum Arthropoda 9  
Crayfish Dissection Pictures

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper Info

More Eastern Lubber Grasshopper Information

Grasshopper Anatomy Photos Crayfish Information More Crayfish Information
Crayfish Anatomy Pics Glossary of Crayfish Terms Crayfish Leg Anatomy
Spider Anatomy Diagram Grasshopper Dissection Lab Companion Crayfish Dissection Lab Companion
  Tarantula & Scorpion WebQuest Arthropoda Handout


Phylum Echinodermata
Starfish Anatomy 2 Phylum Echinodermata Phylum Echinodermata Hand-Out
Protostomes vs. Deuterosomes Phylum Echinodermata 4 Intro to the Echinoderms
Starfish Dissection Lab Companion Starfish Anatomy 3 Phylum Echinodermata 4


Phylum Chordata
Perch Dissection Diagrams Shark Dissection Diagrams Vocab Review
Agnatha Summary What is a Bony Fish Class Chondrichthyes
Agnatha Bony Fish Fish Scale Information
Dogfish Anatomy The Bony Fish Intro to the Chondrichthyes
Jawless Fish Bony Fish 2 The Hagfish
Fish Characteristics Lampreys in the Great Lakes Shark Anatomy & Behavior
Shark Database Shark Foundation Sharks & Pilot Fish
Shark Orders Sharks & Their Relatives All About Sharks
Frog Mucus & Granular Glands Infraclass Teleostei Frog Mating and Life Cycles
Frog Anatomy Amphibian Neoteny Virtual Frog Dissection
Class Amphibia 2 Poison Dart Frogs Frog Anatomy & Physiology
Class Amphibia Anatomy of the Frog
Intro to the Amphibians All About Amphibians Class Amphibia 4
Amphibians as Biological Indicators Deformed Frogs in the Midwest Class Aves 1
The Amazing World of Birds Newts &Salamanders Bird Egg Colors
Bird Flight Bird Classification Avian Flight
Why Do Bird Eggs Have Different Colors? Bird Oders & Families Morphology of Birds
The Owl Pages Intro to the Birds  
How Do Bird Wings Work? Bird Ears & Sense of Balance Pigeon Dissection Material
Project "Beak"    
Pigeon Anatomy Diagrams   Class Mammalia
Class Mammalia 2 Bird Feathers and Other Bird Facts and Information Welcome to the Mammals
Fish Scales The Mammal Orders Operant Conditions and Drug Addiction
Parts of a Mammal Tooth & Definitions Operant Conditioning Pangolin & Corona Virus Connection